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Research shows a connection between gum disease (periodontitis or gingivitis) and serious health concerns including 

■ type 2 diabetes 

■ cardiovascular diseases 

■ hardening of the arteries 

■ respiratory diseases 

■ Alzheimer's disease 

■ low birth weight babies

 ■ chronic inflammatory conditions. 

One theory for this connection explains that oral bacteria enter the body through infected gum tissue. This starts when bacterial communities form in periodontal pockets below your gum line, leading to a host of problems like infections and small wounds which may allow harmful microbes into more vulnerable areas throughout our bodies - including bloodstreams.


The bacteria in our mouths are constantly changing. The growth of bacterial communities happens at three different stages: attachment, multiplication and detachment to form seeding effects within pockets that can lead back into new infections or spread more widely across other parts of your body. 


Professional cleanings called debridement and scaling are the most common procedures used to remove biofilms at a dental office. The Perio Protect Method° combines these with home prescriptions for medication delivery as well, making it easier than ever before on you!

The Perio Tray° has a special sealing system that protects the teeth from infections by keeping medication below gumline. This is important because oral biofilms grow easily and regenerate quickly, making them difficult to control between office visits with toothbrush or floss being ineffective in reaching these areas where they are present most heavily on your daily schedule for good dental hygiene practices

You can use the Perio Tray° to deliver your medications at home for just minutes each day. Research shows that combining debridement and scaling with this device leads to better results than doing either treatment alone.


It is important to protect your health in the context of an inherited genetic disorder. It's never too late, though! Even if you're not yet at risk for developing this condition yourself, visiting with a doctor about how best manage potential risks will help ensure that any children born into your family are vaccinated appropriately and counseled on oral hygiene habits early enough so they can avoid dental problems later in life

The mouth is a portal for oral bacteria to enter the body, and if you want to stop disease at its source - which would be doing your best not to let these microbes in- then there's no better way than Perio Protect°. It offers an effective noninvasive option that helps heal gum tissue while protecting against further infection

If you have oral bacteria in your mouth, it can lead to an inflammatory response that's locally on the gum tissue and systemic throughout the body. If left unattended, these infections may damage teeth as well as bone supporting them which is why talking with a doctor about risk factors for this condition would be beneficial before trying any alternative methods available such as removal or medication.

The mouth is also home to millions of bacteria. Most are harmless, but in some people they can cause gum disease and cavities when not treated. The body regulates these bacteria normally when it has an effective immune system. But the immune system may be weakened by certain diseases or medications when the risk for problems goes up.

There's evidence that periodontitis increases the risk of diabetes, too. Research is exploring possible ways in which these diseases are linked: Inflammation and oral bacteria. When you have periodontal disease, bacteria enter your blood stream during tooth brushing or eating. This causes an immune response (your body's defense against germs). 

Exploring Possible Links 

Diabetics also experience more severe complications of periodontitis than non-diabetics. For example, it can be harder for diabetics to maintain healthy blood sugar levels if they have periodontitis. And diabetes is often correlated with high cholesterol which impacts the gums and immune system. Chronic periodontitis can make it more difficult for diabetic patients to control their blood sugars (glucose levels) because the disease damages teeth roots and may impair tooth function. This includes chewing muscles that help release insulin, an important hormone responsible for maintaining healthy glucose levels in the body.

The severity of periodontal disease depends on the bacterial counts of plaque and the response of the individual's immune system. Children are more likely than adults to develop severe forms of periodontitis (an advanced form of gum disease). Advanced cases may lead to tooth loss, which has been associated with increased risk for heart disease and osteoporosis. Although there is no cure for periodontitis, treatments can help control the condition. This article reviews how people get periodontitis and available options for treatment.

What can you do 

Brush and floss your teeth as often as you can.

See a dentist regularly. Unmanaged gum disease may lead to loss of teeth and other problems.

In order to assure you're using safe and effective dental products, Choose products with American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

 Have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. Cleanings remove plaque and tartar, and teach you and your family to take better care of your teeth. 

•Make sure your dentist knows about any recent or ongoing dental treatments, including tooth extractions. You should also share with your dentist health habits

Your teeth and gums may become more sensitive during pregnancy. That's because pregnancy—and the changing hormone levels that occur with it—can increase some dental problems. But there are steps you can take to help protect your teeth and gums from problems during pregnancy.

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