Teeth Whitening

Fillmore Dental offers a full range of whitening systems, we offer:

  1. ONE HOUR WHITENING:  The Gold Standard. In one hour you can make your teeth whiter, a dramatic change that can last several years. 
  2. AT HOME TRAY SYSTEM: Excellent results after wearing a fitted tray for one to two hours daily for up to two weeks. 
  3. COMBINATION IN-OFFICE/AT-HOME WHITENING: Best Value! Fastest and most effective. One Hour Whitening is combined with a take-home fitted tray for future touch ups to keep your teeth super white. 

One hour teeth whitening program

The bad news is that coffee and red wine stain your teeth. The good news is that with our one hour chair-side whitening system, we can get your teeth whiter. Combination in office and at home whitening will maintain your white teeth for a long time. 

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